Transformed By Tough Times

I am excited to be a blog host today with Christian Speaker Services™. Let me introduce you to Steve Reed, author of Transformed By Tough Times. I encourage you to get a copy of Steve's book today. Without further delay, let's hear from Steve Reed. 

Finding Friends

Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family. 

No truer words were ever written. I found this in the Bible, in Proverbs 18:24. Most of us have had friends come and go, but have you ever had friends that have been so much a part of your life that you don't remember life without them? I am blessed with a group of friends that have stuck by me like family. I no longer live close in proximity to any of my friends, but we are still close.

Did You Know I Can Read Minds?

Do you see me smiling?  I'm smiling because my friend, Sandi Krakowski, has poured her heart out onto each and every page of her new book, Read Their Mind, How to Hear What The Marketplace Wants & Build A Huge Business. 

Do You Smell The Coffee?

Do you smell the coffee brewing? The aroma is beckoning me with its rich swirls of delight!

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks! I often think I would love being a Barista - except that would require me to get everyone else their coffee, which I don't mind...but I really would just want to sit and take in the wonderful fragrance of coffee both by its smell and taste. Maybe it would be better to design a career where I visit every coffee stop around the that would be fun!


A few days ago I had the pleasure to be a guest on “Spiritwalking with Kathryn Bonner”, a daily radio show which airs on The Word 98.5 or 99.3 in Austin or at The Word!! Kathryn is a gifted radio show host and offers Inspiration and Information Monday through Friday.  Be sure to tune in sometime to be inspired!


Wordle: Love Coffee Time

Am I behind the times??

I just discovered! What a fun way to be creative with words.

Using a small paragraph from one of my earlier blog posts I was able to sum up the whole paragraph that fits me to a “T”. Do you see it? Let me know if you catch it!!

Have fun,

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