Do You Smell The Coffee?

Do You Smell The Coffee?

Do you smell the coffee brewing? The aroma is beckoning me with its rich swirls of delight!

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks! I often think I would love being a Barista - except that would require me to get everyone else their coffee, which I don't mind...but I really would just want to sit and take in the wonderful fragrance of coffee both by its smell and taste. Maybe it would be better to design a career where I visit every coffee stop around the that would be fun! Any TV Producers out there that would like to take me up on my idea and hire me please contact me as soon as possible!! I know there are some people that do not like coffee...and to them I say..."Great, more for me!" There are even some that do not even like the smell...that is hard for me to imagine! The aroma of coffee is much like a trailer to a great builds your anticipation of what awaits for the full version. Am I a coffee-snob? Proudly! How about you? Do you like coffee? Hot or cold? Day or night? Or all the above?

The romance of coffee includes thoughts of relaxation, escape from the normal, delightful conversations, star-gazing, and sweet memories. It is a lifestyle!

I remember visiting Grandma Clark's house when I was growing up and she always had a pot of coffee brewing. What a great token of hospitality a pot of coffee brewing can be. No matter when someone would stop by, a cup of coffee was ready and waiting. But is it just the coffee that is waiting? No, it was the welcoming of a conversation with whomever stepped across the threshold of her home. My Grandma Clark was the first person to introduce me to Jesus. I loved going to church with her. Sunday mornings meant getting dressed and ready to walk with Grandma to church, sitting next to her and listening to her sing. Oh how I miss that sweet time. My Grandma came from a long-line of church-going lovers of Jesus! I didn't realize that until many years later. I was visiting with my Uncle Walt and going through some pictures that my Aunt Gail (Grandma Clark's daughter), had been given. There was a picture of my Great Grandpa and Grandma Wheeler and my Grandma Clark as a little girl, in the horse-drawn buggy on their way to church. It suddenly hit me - that means they set the path of my future as being a follower of Jesus, they most likely prayed for me. No not by name, but I know they prayed for my Grandma and her future and I was a direct result of that prayer. The feelings that rushed through me at that thought still are fresh in my heart and mind even now, and that was over 10 years ago. Maybe that's why I love coffee so much, it brings me back to the sweet memories of a pot of coffee brewing and an invitation to sit down and chat and perhaps enjoy a Molasses cookie or two! Thank you Grandma for loving me and giving me such a great love for coffee and my love for Jesus!

I think it is time for some coffee!

Helping You Sparkle,