Did You Know I Can Read Minds?

Did You Know I Can Read Minds?

Do you see me smiling?  I'm smiling because my friend, Sandi Krakowski, has poured her heart out onto each and every page of her new book, Read Their Mind, How to Hear What The Marketplace Wants & Build A Huge Business. 

When Sandi announced her book earlier this year she had pre-sales available and I couldn't wait to put my order in at her very special rate back then.  Move forward to the book launch and guess what?? I was so excited for Sandi that I put my order in for her book, again...I even paid a little more for it the second time.  And you know what?  I would have paid DOUBLE the price and even TRIPLE the price for it!! YES, it is THAT GOOD!!!  I promise you, it is worth a month's worth of Starbuck Coffee's!!

So now that I have an extra copy guess what I am going to do with it??? I am giving it away!!!  I have selected my friend, Kathryn McColskey as the lucky recipient of this FANTASTIC TOOL!!!  

Can you tell which of these two copies is mine?? It is the one at the top that is folded out from being used by me to soak up all its greatness!!!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sandi Krakowski for sharing all that God has blessed you with to help people like me learn how to build a huge business for God!!! I can hardly wait to see all that God does as a result of your book!!  

Ok. So now what? Well, what are you waiting for?  Get busy and follow this link to get your copy...now!!!

Sending you a hug and a big smile,