Sandra Dae Martin

Life Purpose Coach® ~ Speaker ~ Consultant ~ Life Purpose Facilitator ~Mentor ~ Home Make-over Ministry Consultant~Home Economist Consultant

Sandy is a wife, mom of five, grandmother to five. She has worked outside the home as a unit secretary and has worked in retail. She ran a successful silk screening business for ten years but her favorite role has been as a stay at home mom. Sandy is gifted in stretching a little into much and it shows in the way she has managed her home and the ministries she has and is a part of. Her passion is the home make-over ministry where she helps encourages her church body through helping dreams come true by making home improvements where there was no hope or resources. Sandy organizes make-over fund raisers, designs the improvements, builds the teams, delegates and trains the volunteers and acts as a liaison between the homeowner and the make-over team. Each make-over teaches Sandy and Jerry along with their team the truth of 2 Corinthians 5:7 "We walk by faith and not by sight".

Sandy has a heart for women who need encouragement. Some of her children have chosen the harder path of life. She knows how false feelings of failure as a mom can side track you and hold you captive. She loves encouraging stay at home moms who can sometimes feel isolated.

Sandy has been a member in the same church for 36 years and has taught Preschoolers, 5th graders, 6th graders and adults, including being the Women's Ministry Director. Currently she and her husband, Jerry, live-out I John 3:17 by leading a home make-over ministry which started from a Sunday morning Bible Study Life Group. In all area of her ministries, she loves to encourage others.

Sandy is a graduate of ClasServices, Inc., a professional speaking organization founded by Florence Littauer. She has been a MOPS mentor and speaker, has spoke at her church's women's retreat, has taught crafts, cooking classes. She was a member of the Women's Ministry leadership team for 16 years, five of those as the leader. In 2007, Sandy was introduced to the Pathway to Purpose™ Ministry, being taught by Dr. Katie Brazelton, Ph.D., and became a Certified Life Purpose Coach®. She continued her training to become a Certified Life Intensive Facilitator where she leads a two-day intensive life plan with her clients. Her training has been invaluable in all areas of her ministry. Sandy coaches women from all walks to discover the purpose God has for their life. She joined Life DesignWorks in 2007.

Sandy can often be quoted as saying "If I am an expert in anything, it's perseverance."