I know what it is to wake up morning after morning, get out of bed and not know what i am supposed to be doing with my life!

- Bette Hamby

WOW! What an incredible, humbling and exciting experience it was to have my life laid out before me through Bette's guidance and wisdom. The process of completing a Life Plan is amazing - but even beyond that I know it was Bette's faithfulness, prayer and professionalism that allowed what I saw on the screen to come alive and literally light my path. I now truly know freedom in Christ, how to soar and live a life of joy! I am making changes and know it is the Lord I will follow. Thanks be to God for Bette Hamby and her willingness to be an instrument for His work.

- G.A. Texas

Thank you Bette, for not only your listening ears, but especially for your listening heart. God has truly gifted you with discernment and love. You helped me see so many things about myself and covered it all with Christ’s love. Your follow-up and keeping in touch even after our sessions ended speak volumes to me about the fact that you are a Life Purpose Coach because you love the women you serve and want only to help them grow in the Lord and find His perfect purpose for their lives. Thank you so much!

- K.G. Idaho

God had brought me to the point that I knew He had a different plan for my life but I couldn't figure out where He was leading me. Approaching my Life Plan I had fear, my life. Bette Hamby had a listening spirit not only to me but to God. She has a God given unique sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. She took me on a journey in two days bringing me to the knowledge of my next steps that will lead to me accomplishing God’s plan for this half of my life. I now have hope, direction and excitement as I continue this precious life I have been given.

- G.R. CA

I had a face to face conversation with Sandy Martin as part of the Conversations on Purpose for Women. Sandy had a very non-threatening way of asking questions to expand on my responses. I did not feel she was judgmental but genuine in her interest in me. I felt totally comfortable in responding honestly and believing that my answers would be kept in strictest confidence. Though often difficult to answer at times, I think the section that required me to check off my character strengths and weaknesses was helpful because it caused me to really re-examine my heart and habits. I loved the verses she picked for me at both the beginning and end of our conversation. Sandy is on her way to be an excellent life coach.

- J.C. California

To meet Bette is to be "at home" with her. She has found her calling as a coach. Kind, perceptive, firm when necessary (in an oh, so gentle way), and gifted in taking a "jumble" of thoughts and giving them clarity. Relying on the Holy Spirit's guidance, she was able to recognize patterns and clues in my life story that were important to understand so that I could move forward in my life. She is truly a gifted facilitator. If you need clarity and focus, she can help. After years of being "stuck", I'm on a new path.

- T.W. Kansas

Thanks so much for my recent Life Plan. It wasn't at all what I expected. I didn't expect to have so many things to work on when I got home -- I thought I could continue to do what I was doing and not have to change. God again showed me that there is great joy in doing what you love, changing, growing, and most of all being obedient to his call. Every woman should have a life plan done to focus in on their purpose in life. It is obvious when you have Bette facilitate your life plan women achieve their goals.

- S.M. California